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Givrés is a new concept. An Artisan Gelato Café.


Where beautiful Gelato Roses meet high quality Artisan Coffee, topped off with Great British customer service.


The concept for Givrés was born in London and we decided to open our first store here in Hong Kong as it is one of the most urbanised and Western-friendly places in Asia. The lovely warm weather helps too! Perfect for our Signature Gelato Roses.

The café scene in Hong Kong has really started to take off in the last few years and is catching up with the traditional European Café Culture very fast. We aim to be a much-loved and integral part of Hong Kong's growing Café culture by introducing our own little twist on the traditional Café with some exciting new products and ideas.


Our Signature Product - the Gelato Rose -  introduced for the first time to Hong Kong. We have Patented this product and therefore Givrés will be the only place in Hong Kong where you can get your very own Handcrafted Rose-Shaped Gelato.


We hope that this visually stunning product and the many different variations we introduce over the coming months and years will bring a smile to the faces of all who try them.

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